First post!

First of all, welcome to my site! I'm excited that you're joining me on this journey. You're probably wondering what this blog and website will be about, so let me try to get my vision across.

The website

The purpose of the website is for me to get my work out there. As I learn new things about programming, I hope to put those new learnings into practice, and to actually finish and ship those small projects. My current goal is to create and launch at least one small project every month. I'll update this post with a link where I will explain all about this goal. That said, you can find my finished projects in the Downloads page


Having this website will be a great asset, as I'll be able to officially launch projects into the world for others to experience. By doing this, I hope to gain feedback from you, the reader, on how I can improve my games, code, and even my writing. It will also be a great place for visitors and readers to get in touch with me.

The Blog

Out of the gate, I would like to just say that I can't guarantee that the blog will be updated frequently. My goal for the blog is to write at least one post per month. Mostly, it'll be used to express opinions on video games, to talk about the influence that video games have had on my life, and most importantly, to be used as a sort of mini retrospective on any projects that I may have just finished, or that I'm currently working on.


I've also been fascinated by the idea of writing a post to share on Kotaku's TAY, Talk Amongst Yourselves. I have a few articles that I'm interested in writing, and hopefully writing this blog will be a great segue into getting started. 


So, again, welcome to the blog! If there is anything that you're curious about, don't be shy and ask away! Expect a few blog posts soon, as I'll upload my first game, and a couple of desktop clocks that I made for Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain.


It's now 2:30 am. Until next time.