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Scroll further down for select personal programming projects that I created in my spare time. These specifically were made in C++ using SFML, a multi-media library specifically for video games.

William Molina Resume
William Molina Resume.pdf
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Star Feuds


  • 60 Frames per second
  • Awesome music by talented artists
  • Fast action gameplay
  • Intriguing story with a huge plot twist
  • Comedic writing
  • Free! Zero! Zip! Nada!

MGS V Countdown

MGS V Clock


  • 60 Frames per second
  • Two modes: Large with image, or compact
  • 38 different MGS V screenshots
  • Random MGS V screenshot every 30 seconds
  • Free! Zero! Zip! Nada!

MGS V Countdown Timer:

  • See how much longer until MGS V
  • Time counts down in reverse

MGS V Clock:

  • Keep using it long after MGS V launches
  • Timer uses local time



  • Two-player competitive gameplay
  • Two modes: Casual and Epic
  • Hilarious sound effects
  • Local multiplayer
  • Free! Zero! Zip! Nada!